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5 Fun and Easy Games to Keep Your Dog Entertained

5 Fun and Easy Games to Keep Your Dog Entertained

, by Mukesh Pathak, 2 min reading time

If you are looking for some nice and easy way to keep your dog entertained and out of trouble? Try adding a few fun games into to your dog’s routine. 

Playing games with your dog is a great practice to keep them active, busy, and out of trouble. And best of all it’s a lot of fun for both you and your dog alike.

1. Hide-and-Seek:

This is a great game for dogs who love to hunt, but it can also be played by anyone who enjoys hiding things. Set up several hide-and-seek areas around your house--or even outside--and see who can find their way to the most hidden prize first!

2. Fetch:

This is one of our favorite games because it works with dogs of all ages and sizes. You'll need some tennis balls or other small objects that your dog can carry easily in its mouth (like a stuffed toy). Start by tossing one ball into the air and letting it fall back down onto the ground; when your dog catches it, praise it lavishly so he knows what's expected of him next time! Then toss another ball into the air and repeat until all three balls are gone--or until you run out of treats!

3. Food Dispensing Toy:

This toy has two parts: one part that dispenses food when pressed down, and another part that holds the food in place until it's pressed again (so it doesn't fall out). The idea here is that your dog will have fun learning how much pressure it takes before things start happening; this can help build up their confidence around new objects in their environment (like strangers walking by).

4. Play Tug of War With Your Dog:

Image result for Play Tug of War With Your Dog game Your dog should grab the toy when you let him, and he should start pulling on the toy himself. The dog should be the one doing most of the tugging, pulling and shaking his head side to side. Some dogs might need you to encourage them, as they may be unsure or not very enthusiastic about tug.

5. Play Some Water Games With Your Dog:

Some dogs seem to be part fish — happy to splash and play in water all day, if you let them. For these pups, there are plenty of activities that will keep them entertained. Swimming: Most dogs that love water are happy to paddle around in a lake, creek, or dog-friendly pool.

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