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Endocrine Disorder

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  • Elanco Milbemax Heartworm Dewormer for dogs

    Elanco Elanco Milbemax Heartworm Dewormer for dogs

    Elanco Milbemax Heartworm Dewormer for dogs Milbemax worming tabs come from the house of Elanco – the same company behind drontal plus dewormer. Although both milbemax and drontal plus dewormer target worms, milbemax has a more wide-spectrum action over heartworms or lungworms and is more expensive than drontal plus per tablet price. Milbemax is effective against Tapeworm, Roundworms, hookworms, Whipworms, heartworms and Spirocercosis. Milbemax contains milbemycin oxime, a veterinary broad-spectrum antiparasitic acting on worms and mites apart from the usual praziquantel present in both milbemax and drontal plus. Milbemax helps in the treatment of nematode and cestode infections in dogs. Usual dosage is 1 tab for 5-25kg body weight in dogs & puppies, 2 tabs for 25-50kg body weight, 3 tabs for 50 kg and above. To be given with or after food as single dose every 2-3 months. The minimum recommended dose is 0.5mg milbemycin oxime and 5 mg praziquantel per kg bodyweight. Come in form of chewable palatable tablets for easy administration. Composition: Each milbemax tablets contains Milbemycin oxime 12.5mg and praziquantel 125mg.

    Rs. 480.00

  • Guttrim Powder

    Pet Bovine Guttrim Powder - Intestinal & Digestive Supplements

    Guttrim Powder - Intestinal & Digestive Supplements Welcome to Pets Lifestyle, your one-stop shop for all your pet's nutritional needs! We pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of high-quality products from different brands, and our GUTTRIM POWDER is just one of the many options available to you. Overview:Introducing GUTTRIM POWDER, a fantastic addition to our range of SUPPLEMENTS for your beloved pets. This specially formulated product targets the intestinal and digestive health of your pet animals, ensuring their overall well-being. With its unique blend of ingredients, GUTTRIM POWDER stands out in the market as an effective solution to support your pet's digestive system. Ingredients/Main Content:GUTTRIM POWDER is powered by the goodness of NUCLEOTIDE, a premium ingredient known for its numerous health benefits. These carefully selected ingredients guarantee optimal nutrition and promote a healthy gut, which is essential for your pet's overall health and vitality.

    Rs. 720.00

  • Sky-Ec Gutty Pet Ors Electrolyte, Pre & Probiotics Sachets

    Sky-Ec Sky-Ec Gutty Pet Ors Electrolyte, Pre & Probiotics Sachets

    Sky-Ec Gutty Pet Ors Electrolyte, Pre & Probiotics Sachets Guttypet Powder is a combination of prebiotics, probiotics, and ORS for dogs that helps reduce dehydration and ensures speedy recovery. Benefits: Reduces diarrhea and dehydrationAids in recovery from parvoviral enteritis Improves digestion: 2 in 1 both ORS Electrolyte + Pre & ProbioticsBioactive Rehydrating System for the Management of DehydrationImproves Gut Bacteria after Deworming Disturbances

    Rs. 330.00



    Ensures Speedy Recovery from Diarrhoea and Dehydration . USAGE : Dog upto 10 kg Bw -1 sachet /Day                                                                                            Dog 10 - 30 kg Bw  - 2 sachets/Day                                                                                          Cat                          - 1 sachet /Day  

    Rs. 330.00

  • Vivaldis Entero Chronic Pre & Probiotics Gut Health Powder for Dogs and Cats

    Vivaldis Vivaldis Entero Chronic Pre & Probiotics Gut Health Powder for Dogs and Cats

    Vivaldis Entero Chronic Pre & Probiotics Gut Health Powder for Dogs and Cats Unlocking Gut Health: Understanding Vivaldis Enterochronic Sachet for Cats and Dogs Introduce the groundbreaking Vivaldis Enterochronic Sachet, a revolutionary solution designed to repair and rejuvenate damaged intestinal linings in pets suffering from gut issues. Highlighting its multi-layered action on the gut lining, this prompt sets the stage for an in-depth exploration of its benefits and applications. Decoding the Composition Dive into the intricate composition of Vivaldis Enterochronic Sachet, elucidating the role of each component in repairing and strengthening the gut lining. From butyrogenic alpha-glucan to Bentonite, uncover the powerhouse ingredients working synergistically to promote gut health in your beloved pets. Understanding its Class Explore the significance of Vivaldis Enterochronic Sachet belonging to the probiotic class, shedding light on how it fosters a healthy gut microbiome in pets. Delve into the science behind probiotics and discover how Vivaldis Enterochronic Sachet stands out as a beacon of digestive wellness for your furry companions. Indications and Uses Highlight the diverse range of digestive upsets that Vivaldis Enterochronic Sachet addresses, showcasing its versatility as a supportive treatment. From chronic diarrhea to digestive disturbances, uncover how Vivaldis Enterochronic Sachet provides relief and comfort to pets experiencing gastrointestinal distress. Directions for Use Provide detailed guidelines on the proper usage of Vivaldis Enterochronic Sachet, emphasizing the importance of veterinary guidance for optimal outcomes. From dosage recommendations to administration techniques, empower pet owners with the knowledge they need to support their pet's gut health effectively and safely. Disclosure Details Clarify the disclosure details surrounding the procurement process, reassuring pet owners about the authenticity and reliability of their purchase. Ensure transparency and legitimacy in the purchase process, affirming the commitment to quality and integrity in every step of the journey towards better gut health for pets. Empower your furry companions with the gift of optimal gut health. Discover the transformative benefits of Vivaldis Enterochronic Sachet today and take the first step towards a happier, healthier pet. Reach out to your veterinarian for personalized recommendations and unleash the power of Vivaldis Enterochronic Sachet for your beloved pets.

    Rs. 594.00

Endocrine Disorder


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