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Show Essentials

  1. Grooming Supplies: Items such as brushes, combs, grooming shears, nail clippers, and grooming products to ensure the dog looks its best.

  2. Handling Equipment: Leashes, collars, and show leads are essential for controlling and presenting the dog during the show.

  3. Show Clothing: Appropriate attire for handlers, such as show jackets, pants, and comfortable shoes for moving around the show ring.

  4. Water and Bowls: Keeping the dog hydrated is crucial, so having water and bowls on hand is essential.

  5. Crate or Kennel: A crate or kennel provides a safe and comfortable space for the dog when not actively participating in the show.

  6. Health and Safety Items: This includes items such as first aid kits, waste bags, and any necessary medications or supplements for the dog.

  7. Training and Performance Aids: Treats, toys, and training aids may be used to keep the dog focused and engaged during training and performance.

  8. Travel and Accommodation: If traveling to the show, arrangements for transportation and accommodation for both the dog and handler are essential.


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