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Unveiling the Top-Rated Dog Breeders in India: Tripathis Kennel By Vishnu Dutt Tripathi

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In the world of dog breeding, finding a reputable and skilled breeder is essential for ensuring the health, temperament, and quality of the dogs they produce. One such esteemed breeder making waves in India is Vishnu Dutt Tripathi, the mastermind behind Tripathis Kennel. With an illustrious career spanning 25 years, Vishnu Dutt Tripathi has established himself as a prominent figure in the Indian dog breeding community, earning recognition both domestically and internationally. Let's delve into the extraordinary journey of Tripathis Kennel and the remarkable accomplishments of Vishnu Dutt Tripathi.

Meet Vishnu Dutt Tripathi:

Vishnu Dutt Tripathi is not just a breeder but a true connoisseur of dog breeding, with a passion for excellence and dedication to upholding the highest standards in the field. His illustrious career is marked by numerous accolades and achievements that solidify his reputation as one of the top-rated dog breeders in India.

Career Highlights:

Born into a family of dog lovers in 1982, Vishnu Dutt Tripathi's journey into the world of dog breeding began in 1997 with a KCI registered Great Dane. Since then, he has specialized in breeding and exhibiting a variety of breeds including Pug, Dobermann, Great Dane, Boxer, and Beagle under the prefix Tripathi’s.

Vishnu's show career took off in 1999 when he exhibited his first boxer under the esteemed International Judge Mr. C. V Sudarsan at Taj Kennel Club, Agra. His dedication and expertise were evident as he achieved Best Puppy at a tender age while handling the dog himself.

Over the years, Vishnu Dutt Tripathi has consistently showcased his dogs nationwide, with each season culminating in his dogs earning Indian Champions Titles. His dedication to excellence has also led to significant achievements such as owning India's First Borzoi and exporting numerous home-bred dogs overseas.

Additionally, Vishnu's breeding dogs have achieved remarkable success, including multiple Best in Show titles and Dog of the Year awards in both India and Thailand. These achievements underscore the exceptional quality and breeding standards upheld by Tripathis Kennel.

Vishnu's contributions to the dog breeding community extend beyond his own kennel, as he serves as a Kennel Club licensed Ring Steward and Secretary of Kennel Club of Bhopal, as well as the President of Ahilya Nagri Kennel Club. He is also a proud member of Karan Kennel Club, CG Kennel Club, and Nagpur Canine Club, in addition to being a Life Member of Kennel Club of India (KCI) & Thailand Kennel Club.


Vishnu Dutt Tripathi's journey as a dog breeder is a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence, integrity, and passion for the well-being of dogs. Through Tripathis Kennel, he continues to raise the bar in dog breeding standards, producing top-quality dogs that excel in both the show ring and as beloved companions. As a respected member of the Indian dog breeding community, Vishnu Dutt Tripathi's legacy of excellence and dedication will continue to inspire future generations of breeders.


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