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  • Elanco Asuntol Soap For Dogs

    Elanco Elanco Asuntol Soap For Dogs - 57G

    Ticks and fleas are the carriers of different diseases and cause a lot of discomfort to our pets. Bayer Asuntol Soap has been specially formulated to reduce the ticks and fleas. This medicated soap gently cleans the ticks and fleas and reduces any skin irritations that may be caused due to them. The formula also maintains the pH balance of the skin and leaves the fur soft and shiny. FEATURES Specially designed to reduce tick and flea infestation. Gently cleans the skin. Keeps the fur soft and shiny SPECIFICATIONS Quantity – 75 grams Compositon Coumaphos – 1%. This product contains organophosphate. Directions & Dosages Wet coat throroughyl with warm water. Apply sufficient shampoo to create rich lather over the entire body. Allow to remain on hair for 5 minutes then rinse thoroughly with clean water Precautions After treatment take off wet clothes. Wash hands and skin with soap and water. Do not use on nursing dogs or pups below 3 months of age. Avoid ingestion. Keep out of reach. For external use only. Do not allow to lick. In case of poisoning, seek veterinary help.

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