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  • Petton Syrup

    vetrina Petton Syrup

    Presentation:  Packs of 30 ml & 200 ml Ingredients & Composition: Each 10 ml contains:Leucine                      32 mgLysine                          28 mgPhenylalanine           23 mgThreonine                  15 mgValine                         7 mgIsoleucine                  21 mgTaurine                      21 mgTryptophan               5 mgMethionine                10 mgArginine                     29 mgAspartic acid             45 mgCystine                       5 mgTyrosine                    21 mgNiacinamide              28 mgPantothenic Acid      5.6 mgThiamine                   6.2 mgRiboflavin                 1.3 mgBiotin                         24 mgPyridoxine                 3.3 mgVitamin B12              28 mcgFolic Acid                  0.9 mgAscorbic Acid           45 mgZinc                            2.2 mgCopper                       0.1 mgManganese                0.12 mgIodine                         22 mcgSelenium                    15 mcg Indication / Uses: • For optimum growth & development• As supportive therapy for Anorexia, Anaemia• During stress and diseases/illness• Supportive therapy in post-operative care. Doses and administration: Cat & Puppies:          1 ml twice dailySmall dogs:    1 to 2 ml twice dailyAdult dogs:    5 ml twice daily or as directed by consulting Veterinarian.

    Rs. 150.00 - Rs. 500.00

  • Sale -4% Tru Cru (Oral Paste)

    Neo kumfurt Tru Cru (Oral Paste)

    Presentation:  100 ml pack Ingredients & Composition: Composition per ml: Curcumin (Curcuma longa)                    70 mgStandardized to minimum 95% Tetrahydrocurcuminoids)Ginger (Zingiber officinale) root – 15 mgBlack cumin seed oil (Nigella sativa)    70 mgPanax Ginseng   8 mg(Standardized to minimum 60% Glycosides)Other ingredientsOrganic glycerine, purified water, sunflower oil, lecithin and coconut oil Indication / Uses: • Cancer• Joint Health• Healthy Immune Balance• Promotes Flexibility & Healthy Joints• Improves skin & Fur health• Promotes Cardio Health• Improves Digestion• Support Liver Health• Supports Brain Health Dosage and administration / Directions for use: Adult Horse: 10 ml per day Dog & Cat: 1 ml per 10 kg body weight per day or as directed by the Veterinarian. TruCru oral paste has unique formulation which can be simply poured over a meal. For easy direct administration just place the syringe in the corner of the mouth and place the dose over the back of the tongue. For a very fussy eater it is recommended to wipe a small amount of the paste either around the mouth or for cats on the paw. This will encourage the animals to lick it off and get familiar with the smell and taste.

    Rs. 1,250.00Rs. 1,200.00

  • Pancresolve Tablets

    Vivaldis Pancresolve Tablets

    Presentation:  Strip of 1×10 Tablets in a monocarton Ingredients & Composition: Each chewable tablet contains a minimum of:Lipase                 9000 USP UnitsProtease              57000 USP UnitsAmylase             64000 USP UnitsExcipients                   q.s. Indications / Uses: It is indicated for the – Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency Dosage and administration: For Dogs: 2 – 3 Tablets before every mealFor Cats: ½ – 1 Tablet before every mealor as directed by the veterinarian. Tablets need to be given 15 to 20 minutes before meals. Tablets can be given as a whole or crushed. For oral use in dogs and cats

    Rs. 300.00

  • Setwell Drops

    vetrina Setwell Drops

    Presentation:  30 ml bottle (with dropper) Ingredients & Composition: Each 5 ml contains:Tinospora cordifolia           10 mgZingiber officinale               10 mgOcimum sanctum                  7.5 mgAcorus calamus                    7.5 mgGlycyrrhiza glabra              5 mgCyperus rotundus                10 mgVitamin E                              50 mgVitamin C                              50 mg Indication / Uses: A natural antipyretic safe in cats, young and senior pets Analgesic and anti-pyretic in exotic species For pain associated with colic and digestive disturbance Pain associated with surgery and trauma Anti-inflammatory for muscle injuries in pets and exotics Doses and administration: Cat & Puppies: 1 ml twice daily Small Dogs:1 to 2 ml twice daily Large Dogs: 3 to 4 ml twice daily Or as directed by Veterinarian.

    Rs. 160.00

  • Corise Zedox Doxycycline For Oral Suspension - 50 Mg

    Corise Corise Zedox Doxycycline For Oral Suspension - 50 Mg

    Corise Zedox Doxycycline For Oral Suspension - 50 Mg FEATURES To Treat Bacterial Infections in Dogs and Cats Security against Gram Positive & Gram Negative Bacteria Potent broad spectrum antibiotic from tetracyclines group INDICATION Babesiosis Erlichiosis Leptospirosis Tickborne Diseases Mycoplasma Toxoplasmosis Infections involving the genitals and urinary tract infections (UTI) COMPOSITION After reconstitution each 5ml contains Doxycyline Monohydrate USP to Doxycyline (anhydrous) 50 mg Flavoured Syrup base q.s Colour: Sunset Yellow FCF Buy cat and dog healthcare products from Pets Lifestyle Bhopal, the leading pet store  

    Rs. 180.00

  • Sale -5% Zoetis Simparica Trio Dog Tick and Flea Control Tablet (pack of 3 tablets)

    Zoetis Simparica Zoetis Simparica Trio Dog Tick and Flea Control Tablet (pack of 3 tablets)

    Zoetis Simparica Trio tablet for dogs is a recently launched product in India that offers a comprehensive solution for both internal and external parasites. Unlike regular sarolaner simparica flea and tick chewable tablets, Simparica Trio combines the power of sarolaner, moxidectin, and pyrantel (as embonate) to address a wide range of parasites. Here are the key details about this anti-tick and anti-flea tablet: Composition: Active Ingredients: Sarolaner, Moxidectin, Pyrantel Class: Anti-tick & flea tablet Indications/Uses: Effective for the treatment and prevention of tick and flea infestations, as well as internal parasites, including heartworm. Helps in the prevention of tick-borne diseases in dogs. Effective for the treatment of Demodectic and Sarcoptic mange in dogs. Directions for Use: Dosage: Administer the tablet as per the body weight of the pet. The appropriate dosage will be determined by your veterinarian. The tablet can be given directly to the pet or mixed with their food for ease of consumption. Repeat the treatment every 1 month for maximum effectiveness. DOSAGE DOG WEIGHT 100mg 10 - 20 kg 200mg 20 - 40 kg 25mg 2.5 - 5 kg 300mg 40 - 60 kg 50mg 5 - 10 kg    Net Quantity: 1 strip containing 3 tablets Suitable for Dogs: Simparica Trio is suitable for use in puppies and dogs aged 8 weeks and above. This product is not suitable for cats.

    Rs. 1,710.00 - Rs. 2,375.00

  • Furinaid Plus

    TRM Furinaid Plus

    Presentation / Packing: 200 ml Bottle (with Pump) Contents and composition: Furinaid Plus Syrup containsN-Acetyl Glucosamine 6.25% w/v, Roast meat favouring(derived from Saccharomyces Cerevisiae),L-Tryptophan 8000mg/Ltr. Analytical Constituents:Crude Protein 3.9%, Crude & Fat <0.3%, Crude Fibre <0.1%, Crude Ash0.45%, Moisture 91.8%, Sodium 0.087%. Indications for use: • Nutritional support for Dogs & Cats• Management and treatment of Idiopathic Cystitis Administration / Dosage: Mix FURINAID PLUS well into the feed. Feed each dog / cat individually. Feeding Instructions first 14 days: Cats & Small dogs (up to 10kg : 6ml per dayMedium dogs (10 to 25kg) : 8ml per dayLarge Dogs (25 to 40kg) : 10ml per dayVery Large Dogs (over 40kg): 12mI per day Feeding Instructions thereafter for maintenance: Cats & Small dogs (up to 10kg): 4ml per dayMedium dogs (10 to 25kg):6ml per dayLarge Dogs (25 to 40kg):8ml per dayVery Large Dogs (over 40kg): 10ml per day.1 pump Stroke is equal to 2 ml

    Rs. 3,250.00

  • Sale -10% CystoPro - Urinary Capsules for Dogs & Cats 30 Capsules

    Protexin CystoPro - Urinary Capsules for Dogs & Cats 30 Capsules

    CystoPro contains an active ingredient derived from cranberries. This active ingredient is a class of antioxidants called Proanthocyanidins (PACs).  CystoPro also contains probiotics, prebiotics and N-acetyl D-glucosamine.   Ingredients  Proanthocyanidins (Type A PACs)Proanthocyanidins are naturally occurring powerful antioxidants extracted from the North American cranberry.  Type A PACs have an anti-adhesion affect, this means they help to reduce the ability of certain bacteria to attach to the bladder lining. ProbioticThe EU-registered strain Enterococcus faecium (DSM 10663/ NCIMB 10415) 4b1707 acts to reduce pathogenic bacteria within the gastrointestinal tract and the faeces thereby limiting bacterial colonisation of the perineum. Mannan-oligosaccharideCreated from purified yeast cell walls, Mannan-oligosaccharide (MOS), binds to receptors on bacterial fimbriae which prevents attachment to epithelial cells. MOS is commonly used as a prebiotic to support intestinal microflora. N-acetyl D-glucosamineN-acetyl D-glucosamine is a precursor to Chondroitin sulphate and Keratin sulphate which make up the Glycosaminoglycan (GAG) layer that lines and protects the sensitive bladder urothelium. A strong, resilient GAG layer prevents bacteria from adhering to the urothelial cells. Artificial Chicken FlavourTo improve palatability and compliance. CystoPro is available in boxes of 30 and 120 capsules. <5kg1 capsuleDaily <20kg1 capsuleDaily 20-40kg2 capsulesDaily 40-60kg3 capsulesDaily

    Rs. 1,980.00Rs. 1,782.00

  • Vetricare Respiratory Care

    vetrina Vetrina Supplements for Dogs - Vetricare Respiratory Care (100ml)

    Vetrina Supplements for Dogs - Vetricare Respiratory Care (100ml) Presentation:  100 ml Ingredients & Composition: Each 5 ml contains:Ascorbic acid                         40 mgGlycyrrhiza glabra              15 mgCurcuma longa                     15 mgOcimum sanctum                  20 mg Indication / Uses: • Immunomodulator in management of upper & lower respiratory tract infection.• As an adjunct to anti-infective and anti-allergic therapies.• Supportive therapy in kennel cough. Doses and administration: Dogs: 1 ml per 5 kg of body weight per day or as suggested by Veterinarian.

    Rs. 340.00 - Rs. 580.00

  • Vetrina Setpro Powder

    vetrina Vetrina Setpro Powder for Dogs and Cats

    Vetrina Setpro Powder for Dogs and Cats Many vegetarians feed their pets meatless diets. To support their homemade diet, Setpro provides an Excellent source of protein along with vitamins and micro-minerals. It contains hydrolyzed soy protein that won’t upset the pet’s digestive system. It contains optimal amounts of vitamin B complex and amino acids which help the skin’s natural barrier effect. Additionally, it contains Taurine which can support the cardiac health of pets. Composition :Each 10 gm contains:Protein 5 gmTaurine 45 mgSalt 10 mgVitamin B1 1 mgVitamin B2 1 mgVitamin B6 0.1 mgVitamin B12 3 mcgPantothenic acid 0.5 mgNiacin 5 mgFolic acid 5 mcgVitamin C 5 mgCopper 0.375 mgCobalt 0.125 mgManganese 1 mgSelenium 8 mcgZinc 2.5 mg Class : Protein Supplement Indications/Uses  To meet/fulfill the protein requirement of the dog & cat on a vegetarian diet or home-cooked diet. Taurine supplementation makes it an ideal formula for cats Protein supplementation for muscle development in athletic breeds Source of extra good quality proteins during pregnancy Source of high-quality protein in renal disorder patients. Keeps pets healthy Helps in muscle development Directions for use:  Dogs: 5 gm twice daily, on top of the food or as suggested by Veterinarian Cats: 2.5 gm once daily, mix with the food or as directed by Veterinarian

    Rs. 400.00 - Rs. 600.00

  • Immuncare Syrup

    vetrina Immuncare Syrup

    Doses form: Syrup Presentation:  Available in 200 ml (Syrup) and 30 ml (Drops) Bottle Ingredients & Composition: Each 10 ml contains:Vitamin A                  5000 IUVitamin E                  3.75 mgVitamin C                  20 mgCopper                       0.75 mgManganese                0.6 mgZinc                            7 mgSelenium                    29 mcgAshvagandha              25 mgShatavari                   25 mgGulvel                          46 mg Indication / Uses: • Improves immunity in young and adult pets• Immunity booster before and after vaccination• Powerful anti-oxidants reduce stress• Effective in disease recovery (faster recovery)• Improves maternal immunity in pregnant animals (during pregnancy and lactation) Doses and administration: Puppy & Cat: 2.5 ml twice daily Adult Dogs: 5 ml twice daily Pregnant females: 10 ml daily 10 days before and after whelping (will reduce the stress in bitches) Lactating females: 10 ml twice daily or as directed by Veterinarian.

    Rs. 160.00 - Rs. 310.00

  • Setplet Syrup

    vetrina Setplet Syrup

    Presentation:  100 ml bottle Ingredients & Composition: Each 1 ml contains:Papaya Leaf Extract 35 mgElemental Iron                      25 mgFolic Acid                  90 mcgCobalt                                    120 mcgCopper                                   50 mcgVitamin B12              25 mcgVitamin C                  10 mg Indication / Uses: • Supportive therapy for Thrombocytopenia & Anemia in dog & cat• Adjunct to Postoperative therapy• Supportive therapy in vector-borne parasitic diseases Doses and administration: Dogs & Cats: 1 ml per 5 kg of body weight per day or as suggested by Veterinarian.

    Rs. 300.00

  • Setgut Powder

    vetrina Setgut Powder

    Presentation:  Available in 50 gms HDPE tin Ingredients & Composition: Each 2.5 gm contains: Probiotics: 2 billion CFU(Saccharomyces cervisiae, Bacillus coagulans, Lactobacillus acidophils Enterococcus faeceium)Prebiotics: 30 mg(Fructo Oligosaccharide, Mannan Oligosaccharide)Enzyme Complex: 50 mg(Cellulase, Xylanases β-Glucanse, , Pectinase, Protease, Amylase, Lypase) Indication / Uses: • Enzyme complex improves digestion• Controls diarrhoea caused due to antibiotics• A blend of probiotic and prebiotic ensures growth of normal gut flora• Enhances immunity• Improves digestion• Improves stool quality• Maintains gut microflora• Prevents food intolerance• Helps in the expulsion of hairballs Doses and administration: Dogs (Adult): 2 spoons or 2.5 g twice daily mixed with food/water or as directed by Veterinarian.

    Rs. 210.00

  • Setcal suspension

    vetrina Setcal suspension

    Presentation:  200 ml bottle Ingredients & Composition: Each 10 ml contains:Calcium                     400 mgMagnesium                2 mgVitamin A                  4400 IUVitamin D3                340 IUVitamin E                  16.32 mgAscorbic acid                        20 mg Indication / Uses: • Develops stronger bones in growing pets• Prevents rickets and osteoporosis in geriatric pets• Improves muscular strength in large breeds• Improves Calcium metabolism and prevents calcium deficiency in pregnant and lactating bitches• Speed up recovery in fracture Dosage and administration: Puppy & Cat: 2.5 ml twice daily Adult dog: 5 ml twice daily Pregnant & Lactating bitches: 10 ml twice daily or as recommended by the Veterinarian.

    Rs. 200.00

  • Hemeliv Syrup

    vetrina Hemeliv Syrup

    Presentation:  200 ml and 30 ml bottle Ingredients & Composition: Each 10 ml contains:Ferrous ascorbate     75 mgFolic acid                   1.1 mgVitamin B12              75 mcgCobalt                         1.25 mgThiamine                   11.25 mgPyridoxine                 11.25 mgNiacinamide              3 mgSilymarin                   20 mgCholine Bitartrate    1.8 mg Indication / Uses: • Powerful hematinic• Stimulates target organ for erythropoiesis in anemic patients• Stimulates liver function• Protects the liver from toxins Doses and administration: Cat & Puppies: 1 ml twice dailySmall Dogs: 1 to 2 ml twice dailyLarge Dogs: 5 ml twice daily Or as directed by Veterinarian

    Rs. 150.00 - Rs. 275.00

  • Ocide-C Liquid

    vetrina Ocide-C Liquid

    Presentation:  500 ml Ingredients & Composition: Benzalkonium Chloride (BAC)                      8.5%Polyhexamethylene biguanide (PHMB)         2%Didecyl diemethly ammonium chloride         6.5%Inert ingredients                                              83% Benefits: Effective against viruses (including canine parvovirus), bacteria, and fungi Retains efficacy even in hard water No rinsing necessary Non-corrosive and non-staining to any non-porous surfaces Environmental friendly, no residual effects No harmful fumes Safe to use in presence of cats and dogs Directions for use: All ongoing routine daily cleaning and sanitation practices in kennels, pet shops, veterinary clinics, grooming centers and households. For biocidal activity, add 15ml (1 cap) per liter of water. Apply this solution with mop, cloth, sponge, hand pump trigger sprayer so as to wet all surfaces thoroughly. Let air dry. For heavily soiled or contaminated areas, pre-cleaning is required. For veterinary clinics and kennels, use 30ml per liter of water. Maintain contact time for minimum 10 minutes

    Rs. 375.00 - Rs. 4,600.00

  • Respocare Cat Syrup

    vetrina Respocare Cat Syrup

    Presentation:  30 ml bottle (With dropper) Ingredients & Composition: Each 1 ml contains:Ascorbic acid                                    50 mgL-Lysine                                500 mgGlycyrrhiza glabra              10 mgCurcuma longa                     10 mg Indication / Uses: Immunomodulator in management of feline upper and lower tract infections. As an adjunct to Feline Rhinotracheitis (Feline herpesvirus) therapy. Acts as a natural anti-stress and immunity booster. Doses and administration: Dogs: 1 ml per kg of body weight per day or as suggested by Veterinarian

    Rs. 280.00 - Rs. 450.00


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